Royal Rangers Belgium

If you are into adventure and action, love nature and are up for new challenges, then this is the right place for you!

We would be happy if you visit us at one of our meetings, maybe you are a ranger too.

Who we are

We are an international and interdenominational Christian scouting community. Besides the weekly team and regular meetings, we organize camps and hajks to experience adventures together.

We RR-Belgium focus on active international exchange with young people in the Euregio and far beyond. For this we maintain close friendly contacts with our partner organizers in D (e.g. Aachen), NL (e.g. Schinnen), FR, all over Europe and even as far as Paraguay and Singapore.

Therefore, we regularly organize exciting international youth exchanges, which have even received recognition and funding from the EU Erasmus-Plus program.

Based on these collaborations, we are also able to offer the RR program locally in all Belgian languages including English.

Our vision

Royal Rangers ist auch ein Mentoring-Programm für die nächste Generation. Auf Basis Erlebnis-pädagogischer Elemente fördern wir die Teilnehmenden ganzheitlich in ihrer Entwicklung, besonders in den vier sogenannten Wachstumsbereichen:

  • intellectual
  • spiritual
  • social
  • physical

In small age-group-appropriate teams, young people are encouraged and challenged according to their abilities. Within the framework of adventurous activities, they learn to use their strengths, to experience and overcome limits and to master challenges as a team.

For this purpose, we rely on high-quality program and training material, which is constantly being further developed by professional staff.

Since its foundation in 1962, millions of young people around the world have been accompanied by the Royal Rangers program.

Our activities

We currently meet in Kelmis on Saturdays from 15h to 17h.

Our program includes the experience and learning of scouting techniques, such as knots and bunches, making fire, first aid and the use of tools. All according to the motto “Learning by Doing”.

But also the sharing of Christian values, the examination of the Christian faith and the learning of social skills such as teamwork and fairness are very important to us.

One of the highlights of each Ranger’s year is the annual camp. Each team receives a team area, which is their “home” during the camp. Using the scouting techniques practiced extensively in advance, tents, dining area and fire table are set up, for example. In addition to team time, cooking over the fire, building and joint actions, there is enough time for fun and games.

We also like to be on the move and “live the adventure”, whether on foot, by bike or by canoe. For a Hajk we pack everything necessary in our backpack and off we go!

Age groups

In the Royal Rangers, the teams are organized into different age groups in order to foster, equip and empower the children according to their age. For each age group, we use suited methods and focus on tailored learning and development areas and practical activities.


Between the ages of 6 and 8, children discover nature in a playful, experimental way. Fun and games are on the agenda.

Children aged 9 to 11 discover the first Scouting techniques. They also take on small tasks within the scout unit and learn about the Bible.

As adventurers, young people aged 12 to 14 take on more and more responsibility. They learn other scouting techniques that are applied during hajks and excursions.

Between the ages of 15 and 17, young people are strengthened in their personality and sense of responsibility. They can also get involved outside their unit in RIDE (“Ranger im Dienst Einsatz”), social service activities (often abroad).

Motto & Golden Rule

As Christian Scouts, we want to make a difference, so we have values and rules that we abide by.

“Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them.”   Matthew 7:12

This is the motto, our Golden Rule, of the Royal Rangers. We want to be respectful to each other and to our fellow man.

“Be Ready” – “Always Ready for Jesus!”

This is the motto of the Royal Rangers. We want to be ready at all times to perform our Scouting duties. Furthermore, we want to be “Always Ready for Jesus”.

Royal Rangers also near you?

We hope that in the future there will be Royal Rangers in your city and/or region.

If you have any questions or are interested in implementing Royal Rangers in your area, please contact us.
We have lots of info, tips, support and even a special program to make it as easy as possible for new local outposts to get started.
This includes but is not limited to :
– info sessions
– Information material (print, digital)
– personal meetings and regular exchanges with experienced rangers
– training sessions tailored to your needs to give you a practical understanding of the Royal Rangers program from both a participant and leader perspective.
– access to affordable sources for equipment (like tents, books, personal equipment etc.)
– An international network of highly motivated friends and like-minded people, especially in all neighboring Belgian countries.

And all this for kinda free.

It’s up to you! Are you ready for THE adventure?